About Graphotherapy

What your handwriting says about you !

Graphotherapy is a physical exercise of your brain .Graphology tells us the psychology of the writing ,'You are what you write .' Mrs Pooja Saxena can guide you in dealing with many problems in day to day time through Graphotherapy .She can suggest you to get few changes in your signature or company's name ,so that it can fetch you the best name ,fame & success in your life easily . She analyse the handwriting & goes deeper with it & provides some good tips on letter traits ,suggests exercise for motivation ,stamina & concentration ,also advices some writing exercises for relaxation . Some of her tips can help you to deal with common demotivators such as stress , tension during exams, lack of concentration,absent mindedness & lack of concentration .It's just a small change ,which can make you more efficient at work. Many times we think we are giving our best effort and still not getting the best output ,this problem is so common & big in today's world , the solution to it is with Mrs Pooja Saxena .

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